Family law covers a wide range of issues, including divorce, child support, paternity, custody and visitation, dependency, and domestic violence. Families going through a divorce or other child custody issue may find themselves in the middle of a pretty rocky transition.  The Law Office of Brannon R. Gary applies great conflict resolution skills to help its clients and their families find the solutions that will allow them to move forward in a positive direction.

We also bring the knowledge and trial experience needed to advocate effectively for our clients when parties cannot agree, and the issues must be tried in court.  If you are experiencing a family issue which may require court intervention,  our office remains willing and eager to hear about the facts of your case, and to  see if we can apply our knowledge and skills to help you find the resolution that your family needs. 

Family Law


Guardianship proceedings are necessary for caregivers of individuals who lack the capacity to care for themselves.   Whether it be a parent, relative, or non-relative, any caregiver may soon find that HIPPA laws and other privacy laws prevent caregivers from making health, financial, residential, and other important decisions for an adult unless he or she has been appointed that individual's Guardian or Guardianship Advocate by the Court.   The Law Office of Brannon R. Gary applies knowledge and experience in helping its clients who are caregivers obtain the legal Guardianship that they need. 

The type of  Guardianship needed varies based on the level of capability of the individual being cared for.   If a person's capacity is simply limited due to a developmental disability such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, or an intellectual disability, this person may be appointed a limited guardianship or Guardianship Advocacy.  If a person suffers from a disability or ailment which leaves him or her with no ability to care for themselves, they may be deemed "incapacitated" and can be appointed a full guardian.  If you are a personal or professional caretaker of an adult and believe that a guardianship action may be necessary, feel free to contact this office to discuss your case and to determine whether we can apply our knowledge and skills to assist you in obtaining the guardianship you need. 

Despite our best efforts to ward off and prevent death, it remains one of life's universal constants.  Planning for the future beyond your death or that of a family member can be a daunting task.  However, proper estate planning can assure that your assets are allocated as you see fit, minimize the possibility of familial conflict, and simplify the probate process.

Estate planning are the proactive steps by which you plan for the distribution of your assets through execution of a valid will or select transfers of property.  In addition, valid living wills and advanced directives can be executed to ensure that your wishes are carried out in any medical emergency.  If you would like to plan for your own estate, or need assistance with the probate of a loved one's estate, feel free to contact this office to discuss the facts of your case. 

Probate & Estate Planning